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3 Features

3.1 Editor-specific features

Some features could not be abstracted into the Parkour library and had to be implemented in the top-layer code of a particular editor plugin.

3.1.1 Vis

3.2 Similar software, and differences

Parkour is inspired by a few similar projects - paredit.el, paredit.vim, and vim-sexp.

What sets it apart is

For each of the supported editors, there is a "native" keytheme that is enabled by default. It is supposed to reuse as many of the built-in key bindings as reasonable, and to not have conflicts (as in mapping a popular shortcut to a completely unrelated functionality.)

The emacs/vim keythemes, OTOH, deliberately share many key bindings with paredit.el and paredit.vim. This way you can, first, leverage existing documentation and, second, transition to emacs/vim if your needs outgrow what parkour (or the host text editor) offers.

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