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2 Concepts

This page describes behaviour common to all plugins based on Parkour.

2.1 Objects

Parkour maps the typical objects used in text editors to S-expressions (atoms and lists):

2.2 Motions

Parkour provides the following motion types:

2.3 Electricity/DWIM

Besides the sexp-aware editing operators, which have dedicated key bindings, Parkour enhances the behaviour of common keys like BS, DEL, RET, SPC, and ;.

2.4 Paren autocorrect

In Clojure and Fennel square brackets are required at certain places. Parkour will insert a square bracket even if you pressed the wrong kind of delimiter (bracket or even double-quote).

In some Scheme dialects (e.g., Racket) square brackets are recommended for readability reasons. If you are using such a dialect, you can get this behaviour by enabling the auto_square_brackets option.



All delimited blocks, bracketed or not, are collectively called quasi-lists — double-quoted strings, block comments, and even line comments are ones.

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